Managed Security Services

When it was originally created, the Internet was a friendly place frequented mostly by the researchers who created it. The dangers were few and most systems had little serious requirements for extensive protection. It was a lot like living in a small town, in a hidden valley, where you knew and trusted all your neighbors. Those days are over.

The Internet is now a worldwide community, with all of the different types of people you would find around the world. Unfortunately, this includes those who would break into your systems for entertainment, prestige or personal gain.

Silverturn provides managed security services for small businesses that do not have the resources to hire dedicated security experts on a full-time basis. These services include network monitoring, to continually monitor networks to ensure that systems have not been inadvertantly misconfigured, exposing them to unauthorized access.

Silverturn also provides intrusion testing services, a more focused interaction designed to test the defenses of network security systems.

Whatever your network security needs, let Silverturn help you.


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