Intrusion Testing

You have deployed a sophisticated firewall and applied all of the latest security patches from your vendors. BUT...

Sometimes, someone inadvertantly sets a system configuration parameter incorrectly. Sometimes, two security patches are incompatible with each other. Sometimes, a system is overlooked in a security upgrade. Wouldn't you like to know before the hackers find out?

Silverturn's experts are available to conduct intrusion tests of your systems. We check the same things the hackers would check to gain access to your systems. Without exception, the security of our client's information assets has increased further, due to the extensive testing we have conducted on their computer systems.

Our service is efficient, unobtrusive and completely confidential. Remote Intrusion Tests are possible with little or no complications. After testing, you receive logs, a technical report, and an executive summary of problems identified and advice on how to fix them.


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