"not a nice girl" was a big hit at the Comedy
Forum in Odense, Denmark in April.
"Phenomenal!" says John-Paul Pearson

Under the spell of Aphrodite...

Upcoming performances
In 2006
at Stage Left Studio
Shows 8 pm
Tickets $15
Sat, June 17 as part of UTVS:NYC
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In the Midtown International Theatre Festival
July 2005
A rave review from David Pumo on nytheatre.com

"not a nice girl" was
presented at Theater Row in Sep 2004 in
kef productions presents:
I Have a Better Idea,
A Series of Solo Performances by Women


A thoughtful audience member
comments on that performance:
"As to the subject matter, of rape,
incest, identity, sexual identity, and personal freedom, Cheryl has done us all the tremendous favor of not theatricalizing the subject but, rather, humanizing it.  So much work takes advantage of survival stories by heightening them towards some other moral digression or effect, which often serves to strengthen the stigma attached by society on women and men who have survived sexual or violent trauma. 

Cheryl's work, on the other hand, serves to humanize, or rather, normalize the experience, if that's fair to say.  It removes the stigma by speaking frankly, and in the absence of a heavy-handed moral agenda.  This is such an important contribution to the lexicon, because with more work like this, we might be able to speak the word incest or rape in social circumstances without being ignored, embarrassed, or worst of all, judged.  And if we reach that point, we might then reach a point of prevention.  Her play does not judge, she is not embarrassed in presenting her experiences, and she makes us so comfortable that we cannot ignore her.  She has brought us a step closer to prevention.
I left her show with the quiet ruminations of an adult seeking her sexual and personal freedom in a world that prevents sexual and personal freedoms, from all kinds of directions, and especially for women - but this is not a journey unique to survivors or even to women.  That she brings us there with the lessons learned from a more difficult experience than most of us have survived, gives us the courage to confront our own, perhaps less complex, journeys."

"not a nice girl" got
a standing O in LA
at the Blue Angel Theatre
at Century City
Playhouse on
Sunday, May 15 at 8 pm.

Feb 2004: Other Arts: Theatre
not a nice girl

Long Hard Wonderful Journey From Sex To Satisfaction by Paul Pierog
... the truth, a stunning device for a theater production...

Sunday, July 20, 2003 

"not a nice girl" is a daring
one-woman show

July 23- 29, 2003
By Trevor Jackson
"A performance that is very enjoyable, filled with moments that make you gasp and make you giggle, and delivered with an ease of command crucial for a one-woman show.
This "girl" - nice or not, that's up to you - has walked through fire to tell her tale."

Photos by Ellen Rosenberg