Explore joke-writing, persona and comic timing. 
Learn performance techniques that enhance your delivery and increase the comic value of your material.

Student Quotes about the Stand-up Comedy Workshop

"I just wanted to thank you again for offering your Comedy Class. The interlacing of both writing and performing in class, and in front of the class, was extremely helpful.  Personally, I never realized how much the performing aspect would help the writing aspect.  They work in conjunction together. With your direction and suggestions, I feel that you have helped to raise the level of my delivery and writing by tenfold."

"Cheryl King's workshop has improved my life in ways that cannot be counted. I definitely have more confidence and technical prowess on stage because of her insightful techniques and teachings.  If you want to be a serious performer, then you better go see Cheryl right away!" SN

"First of all I just  wanted to thank you so much for having me in your class--The time I spent with you has been invaluable. You have made me more confident with myself on stage - all my friends have said they have seen a dramatic change for the better in my material as well as my stage presence. Most of all I feel the change within myself - being confident on stage is the most important thing to a comic and under your guidance I was able to get there.  Your patience and creativity has been amazing!  If you ever need a reference please tell the person to call me and all your classes will be full! 

"I can honestly say I have never encountered any coach that is more well-rounded (performance, material, exploring creatively) and committed than Cheryl is."  K

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The standup comedy workshops come in a series of four weekly 3-hour workshops, plus a private session of one hour.  These are followed by a performance in a local comedy club, so that
students can get the authentic experience.
Students learn:

  • How to find humor in their daily lives
  • How to format, experiment with, and edit
  • material
  • How to emulate the best comics by watching video and listening to recordings
  • How to experiment with style and persona
  • How to avoid bad performance habits and
  • create good ones
  • How audiences think and behave and how to relate to them

Cheryl teaches stand-up comedy annually at the Funny Women Fest in Chicago, IL, and in 2003 co-produced, taught and performed in the premiere East Coast Funny Women Fest.
For more information visit the main website,
FunnyWomenFest.com, or the East Coast
website, FunnyWomenFest.org.