Cheryl has opened her own studio and theater, Stage Left Studio, at 438 West 37th Street 5A.
There's an office/lobby, and a luxurious 27'x14' workshop space, with a bank of windows opening onto the south side of Times Square. Wine red walls, midnight blue carpet, comfortable chairs with seating for 24.  Carol Fox Prescott and Cheryl are teaching classes there, and the space has been transformed, with the help of Darryl Hell, into an intimate theatre, with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems.
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Stage Left Showcase
Cheryl King Productions showcases  the best NYC solo artists
Thu, Fri & Sat
Tickets $15
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Cheryl was consulted by Rosemary Feitelberg of Women's Wear Daily Magazine on Body Language for an edition currently available on newsstands. To view the resulting 2-page spread, click here


Designers may prefer to let their runway shows speak for themselves, but that final bow may offer the last word. WWD asked Cheryl King, a body-language expert who coaches actors, to view hours of videotape and decipher what designers were saying-whether they intended to or not.

Cheryl's Wed night acting class is on hiatus until Sept. but Cheryl is available for private coaching.
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Cheryl is co-writing a play about the true story of John Jerome with Rod Menzies. "Arturo's Window" is the title of the play, in which facts hitherto undisclosed will come to light as we address the questions surrounding his fall from grace.  For details, visit the arturo's window website.
John Mercurio, composer/lyricist, has created 9 original songs that are part of the play.


ABC's 20/20 Cheryl participated in a panel discussion on Women and Sexuality

Cheryl was the drama coach for an episode of TLC's hit show "Faking It" in June 2005, "Simple Life to Social Life" . Since aired twice on "Oprah".

Cheryl goes international !!!

Cheryl taught standup comedy and performed her solo show in April 2005 at the Odense Comedy Forum in Odense, Denmark, along with comedy professionals from all over Europe. The response from both students and audience was enthusiastic. Cheryl has been invited by Ken Rock of the British Comedy Writers Association to come to the UK in November to teach at their annual conference. (excerpt from press in Denmark below)

Cheryl will be returning to Aarhus, Denmark in Sept 2006 to teach standup.
While there she will guest star in a comedy show, part of the women's festival.

Lessons on How to be Funny by Nina Vibe Petersen - XTRA 11 Apr, 2005
ODENSE: "Does anybody here smoke cigarettes?" the young man asks the spectators in the rows of chairs in front of him. There isn't much reaction. He tries again, a little louder. Finally a girl raises her hand and quietly admits that she does. Meanwhile Cheryl King ha been watching the scene and now she is ready with the first quick analysis. "What was your lower body doing? It was completely still. Try to use your chassis too," she advises. The young man obeys and swings his hips threateningly. "Does anybody here smoke cigarettes?" he asks again. The audience bursts into laughter and applause.
Cheryl King has done what she came for. Taught how to do a good standup routine at Comedy Forum in Odense Congress Center this weekend.

Cheryl is artistic director for Sola Voce:Estrogenia at ManhattanTheatreSource.
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Cheryl and her work as artistic director of the NY Solo Play Lab are featured in ACT New York 2005, by Larry Silverberg. Cheryl was interviewed by Liz Berntson, and the results of that interview open the
chapter called Getting Space. ACT NY 2005 is a compendium of information, all immensely useful to
actors and solo show performers in the NY area.

Cheryl got a standing ovation as the keynote speaker at Colorado State University's Take Back the Night week at the end of April. Her week there included teaching two Body Language workshops, a Writing Your Heart Out workshop, and the keynote speech. She presented portions of her solo show, as well as speaking about women's rights, and the topic of violence against women.

Cheryl is artistic director of Cheryl King Productions, which is located at her theater, Stage Left Studio, at 438 W 37th Street, 5A, NYC. She presents shows there Wed-Sat. The theater is also available for booking for shows, workshops, casting calls and auditions.
Cheryl's writing workshops are offered on Mondays, from 10:30-1:30 and Saturdays from 1-4 in NYC. Her book of writing techniques, Writing Your Heart Out, continues to sell , and is helping keep her students in the productive mode while Cheryl is home in New York, or traveling to other cities. In addition, Cheryl's Acting Classes continue on Wednesdays from 7-10. For more info, click here.