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Writing Your Heart Out

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Cyndi Freeman
Laura Daniel
Julie Goldman
Kanene Holder
Susan Isaacs
Dan Jacoby

Jorjeana Marie
Dave Moktoi
Fiona Walsh

Murray Todd Williams
Hans Hoffman
James Vern

Dara Selbert (646) 483-8571 
Fred Pflantzer (212) 957-5009
Jennifer Cummings (201) 344-1546

Mike Birbiglia

"I starred in student films done by my friends Murray Williams and Amanda Raine. Murray
directed Midnight Feast and Amanda directed Last of a Kind. Click here to view them.

Empire Isis
Annie Figenshu
Nina Fine

Stage Left Studio
John Chatterton--Where Eagles Dare Theatre
Carol Fox Prescott's Basement Space
Cornelia Street Cafe

Amy Shapiro

Mary Diane Hausman
River Huston

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